The Internet of Things (IoT) extends from smart homes to health accessories through the smart city. Finally the connected objects take little by little part of our daily life. Not only does the Internet of Objects improve our comfort but it gives us more opportunity to control and simplify our daily lives and to measure our energy consumption. The IoT requires a better integration of all products brands so that the user can simply choose and master the products of his choice. Comfort Life already allows you to respond to this request from customers with its integrated HUB.

Comfort Life HUB is your fasted way to be integrated in all IoT standard of the world. Comfort Life is a 2-in-1 solution for end user interface and platform interface. You don’t have to develop end user interface, just develop hardware and firmware for IoT and your new IoT will be automatically available in existing end user interface PC and smartphone. You don’t have to develop complicated interface to integrate your new IoT in complexe solution for end user, your new IoT will automatically interact with all standart big brandname.



What can Comfort Life HUB do for you ?

Already connected…



Allow your IoT to interact with all Legrand standard products.


Allow your IoT to interact with Samsung and soon LG products.


Allow your IoT to interact with Google Nest products.


Finally your IoT already worldwide standard !



IoT Platform
Over 450 IoT platform

IoT Fw
25 billion connected devices by 2020
to build the Internet of Things.

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