Comfort Life

The Comfort Life app allows you to install, sync and control your connected devices quickly and easily to ensure a new level of comfort!

Manage your lighting, cameras, shutters, heaters from a single application, no matter the brand, thanks to Comfort Life!
Link your connected objects together and create scenarios tailored to your needs.

Optimize the control of your home devices for a connected lifestyle!
Easily handle your home with Comfort Life-compatible devices that will simplify your daily life.

The Comfort Life app offers you a new comfort of life adapted to your desires!

Features Comfort Life



Home sharing


Scenario management

Kits installation


Voice control

Control your home remotely thanks to the App!

Create your own scenario to make your life easier and invent your own routines!

A scenario is a set of actions that trigger at the same time, manually or programmed. It allows you to automate daily actions such as opening the shutters, activating the alarm or turning off all the lights for example.

Your personalized scenarios can meet the needs of your family, to make your daily life easier with a simple management of connected objects in your home.

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