Comfort Life

The Comfort Life Kits assure you simplicity and speed when installing your equipment.

A connected home, why ?

Comfort Life allows you to manage your home in a simple and easy way!  You can manage the temperature of your home, the lights and also invent your routines that adapt to your life. No need to pilot your devices on the app. When you get up, the scenario “Good Morning” program the opening of the shutters, lights and coffee machine for exemple.

Thanks to Comfort Life a multitude of scenarios are available!

a woman sits on the floor with her laptop to represent the kits comfort life

Improve your living comfort with our kits

Move quickly to a connected home without buying a multitude of products one by one. The Kits are designed for you! They allow faster and easier installation, without having to install the products one at a time.

une camera est posée sur un bureau et une personne regarde les images sur un ordinateur pour représenter le kit alarme de comfort life

Alarm Kit

A well protected home !
Comfort Life provides a perfectly safe home, which simulates your presence when you are not there. Its also gives you the possibility to interact remotely from your phone.

This kit includes:

Doorbell Kit

Open without moving from the couch !
Whether you’re on the couch or cooking, you don’t have to go to the front door. Thanks to our complete kit, go to the Comfort Life app to see who is there and open your door.

This kit includes:

deux mains de femme se réchauffe près d'un chauffage pour représenter le kit chauffage de comfort life

Heating Kit

No need for chimney !
Nothing more pleasant than going into a well-heated home. Thanks to Comfort Life, adjust your heating in the rooms to the degree you desire. Saving and comfort guaranteed!

This kit includes:

Home Pilot

Its the driver of your home! But its much more than that!
Its THE real brain of your connected home… Connected through wifi or Ethernet, its translates the language of your connected objects to make them controllable from anywhere!

With Home Pilot and Comfort Life, you have access to a world of connected products without any limits.